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Softy Softy

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what time does. what time does.

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Good feeling

The different instruments were used in an efficient way. The way they were used was good, you clearly improved since "Why She". You should have made a conclusion part for the song because the way it ends is way too harsh.

I didn't really liked the beat, when you stop hearing it, it's quite a relief, the song feels way better without it. But I think the problem mainly comes from how they sound rather than their presence in the music.

You need to get deeper and better samples because your song have that perpetual "midi feeling". I think it's because the sounds in it are too "dry", they doesn't last long enough (the organ and most of the sample used for the melodic bassline were good enough imo, they were really good).

So, in conclusion, nice feeling despite some problems that are more the fault of the samples rather than their use. It's not the kind of thing I'd listen often since it lacks that "thing" that makes me tap my fingers to it. But you sure are on the right way.

Adjeye responds:

Hey thank you for the review, these days I use Vengeance packs for the beat and it souds a way better and I am diving in a really soft style of psy trance. I think you need to hear my newest song on youtube.

Why She? Why She?

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Nice melody. Lacks on the climax

The melody itself is perfectly fine. But the music lacks deepness for a trance one. You should put legato samples that would accentuate the atmsophere, because, you see, when I listen to it, I feel like the instruments are a bit "alone". And it really bothers me. Also, the beat is too fast for what it is. Or maybe isn't it its speed, but the sample used for it. They are a bit throbbing, see ? Maybe if you made them more discreet, it would be better. Or just make its sound last longer.

I don't know if my review is clear or not but the song has potential. You just need to be more honest on what you really want it to be.

Adjeye responds:

Really thank you for the review because, now I know how to improve, and it really bothered me that no one told me how, so, I will work on wat you said and hope my next song is better.

Megaman 5 Title remix Megaman 5 Title remix

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Very nice

That's a pretty good remix there. The kind of song you get to listen again and again till your satiated. I really like it, the only bad thing about it is the basses. They are way too loud compared to what they should be and they almost overshadow the main melody on some times, and this makes this kind of hard to properly listen.

(Also, sorry if my english may be rubbish on this comment, it's not my mother tongue)

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Mikeaudio responds:

I agree, I'm still working on actually mixing it and mastering it. Thanks for your input, its really appreciated :)